Don’t Forget To Take Time To Reflect

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Reflection. It’s an important task for anyone actively growing. Look at how far you’ve come, the goals you’ve accomplished, and how close you are to your next set of goals. Reflecting is crucial to expanding your potential. Do you take time to reflect? You should. Even if you have to consciously schedule it in!

Take some time to think or meditate. What have you done so far this year to reach your goals? Did any of those goals change? Reflecting enables us to analyze the direction we are headed and make changes as necessary. Life is in a constant state of flux. It’s ok to change directions as often as you’d like. It’s as simple as adjusting your goals to help put you back on track.

December is always a great time to wind down and reflect. This year, I have a lot to think about and look back on.

My little family has had 2 major interstate moves. The first move was full of whimsy as we met some incredible neighbors and enjoyed mild weather over the summer in Rhode Island. The second one just won’t end. It has been stressful, including difficulty finding a house while rehabilitating our old home that was destroyed by previous tenants. Our second marathon of a move process is still ongoing, 58 days later. Our goals for that house has taken us through a complete loop and need adjusting almost weekly.

Despite our current frustrations and the multitude of Stress Away essential oil blend bottles that I’m rapidly using up, we’ve had some recent heart-warming events happen.

Today I gave away a bottle of Gratitude essential oil blend as part of my November “what are you thankful for” giveaway on our Facebook group. It was my first oils giveaway, and filled me with joy to finally be in a position to give something away like that. I loved seeing what people in our group were thankful for, and now one of them has one more thing to add to her list.

Do you know about the Gratitude essential oil blend? It boosts the immune, nervous, and muscular skelletal systems, and is also emotionally balancing. It contains Balsam fir, frankincense, rosewood, myrrh, galbamnum, and ylang ylang. It’s both relaxing and uplifting and makes a fantastic nontoxic perfume/cologne. It’s actually diffusing in my diffuser right now as I write.

Over the past year I’ve offered random monthly free oils too for my new customers. I smile each time I see their excitement when receiving an extra oil addition to the 11 that come in their starter kits and the reference guides I give out.

This month I am more focused on saying “Thank You” to my existing customers who have purchased from me throughout the year, especially those who take advantage of our essential rewards program. In addition to earning rewards points to “cash in” for free products, I’m working on a stack of care packages to send to them to thank them for their loyalty and purchasing from me. This is quite possibly my favorite aspect of direct sales! I’m always trying to brainstorm ways to make sure they know how much I appreciate them.

My “job” is my passion helping others pursue a healthier lifestyle, AND I also have the privilege of building some fantastic friendships in the process.

I was absolutely thrilled yesterday to congratulate a wonderful young woman I’ve been helping coach as she achieved a new rank in her journey building her own business selling essential oils. Being a part of the direct sales industry definitely makes me feel fulfilled in many ways. The part I enjoy the most is when the people I help succeed. Nothing beats that feeling.

Not even the downer of gutting rooms of our old house.

Although tough times come and go, there is always a silver lining. There is always something to look forward to.

Nicole is a military-trained research analyst, homeschooling mom, healthy lifestyle coach, flexible business consultant, and writer for and After living through and overcoming a season of homelessness and chronic health, Nicole developed a passion for helping others develop healthier habits using functional nutrition, herbalism, and renewing faith.

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