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DIY Warm Home Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe

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It’s one of those mornings… you can just feel the cold radiating from down below the house… makes you wish for those heated floors the HGTV channel shows all the time on their home renovations. Perfect time to put some of this DIY Warm Home Diffuser Blend into your diffuser.

This morning, I sat snuggled up with my boys on the couch with our toes tucked in tight under an electric blanket, as we pretended the floor was “hot lava” and watched old episodes of Dinosaur Train on Amazon Prime. It was a delightful and rare moment that both my young kids wanted to snuggle calmly… and I relished in every second.

While enjoying the rare quiet moment, my senses picked up on everything. The warmth of their hugs. The lovely aroma from my diffuser. And the lack of shrieks, belly buttons, and fart jokes. And the added bonus… they chose which oils we used today.

So… what do you do when your 4-year-old hands you a bottle each of rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, cinnamon, and clove??? You make the room fill up with the delicious fall-like aroma… even though it’s January. Because it makes your home smell all warm and cozy… just like morning snuggles with two cuddly Littles.

DIY Warm Home Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe

warm home essential oil diffuser blend
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    1. I don’t recommend using essential oils in a pot on simmer. Doing so could alter the effectiveness and constituents of the oils themselves. Instead, if you don’t have an essential oil diffuser, it would be better to place them into a room or linen spray, or make a 5ml batch in an empty bottle, and use that to drip on clothes or diffusing jewelry.

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