Thank you for your interest in becoming a healthy lifestyle affiliate partner with Gracefully Abundant!

We currently offer a few ways you can earn a commission with Nicole:

Become A Course Affiliate

There is currently one course available for promotion, Nicole’s Healthy Home For A Happier Life self-paced online course that helps students learn how to identify and remove common harmful household products, and replace them with healthy DIY and vetted non-DIY alternatives.

You’ll earn a 30% commission for every sale made through your link.

More courses are in development to be added to our affiliate center. Once you are already an affiliate, you’ll be granted access to be an affiliate for additional courses published in the future.

Become A Team Leader, Promoting Physical and Mental Wellness

Receive ALL of Nicole’s individual and group coaching for FREE by becoming a Team Leader, helping people develop higher-quality mental wellness through improving their gut health and treating their bodies like a temple, as biblically instructed.

Check out more info about Amare, the compensation plan, testimonials, and my favorite products by visiting my Opportunity page

When you’re ready to join our God-centered team, there are three options to save you money as you get started, depending on your budget and product needs:

I started my Amare journey with the Launch pack so my family could join in my gut health journey with me, and provide me with personal experience in all the popular products. There is also a way to create your own starter pack. If you’re interested in a customized option, please fill out the form on my Contact Page and I’ll help set you up with a custom cart and insider tips for saving the most money on your initial purchase.

Promote Physical and Mental Wellness As An Influencer

  • Up to 38% earnings on all sales through your link (for customers’ 1st 60 days)
  • 10% discount on all products you purchase on Subscribe To Save for your personal use
  • Ready-to-use e-commerce website (for qualifying applicants)
  • Earn free products
  • Earn complimentary trips with an incentive path

To apply to become an affiliate, you must have 15,000 followers on your primary social media account. If the referral number or coupon code doesn’t populate, use 96415.