Can “Useless Information” Be Helpful?

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Throughout my life many people have told me that my mind is filled with useless information. I disagree!

My mind is not filled with useless info. Why? Because I willingly share my knowledge with others who need and genuinely appreciate it. Knowledge that is shared for others to use is not at all useless.

Sometimes the best gifts to give isn’t financial, but is giving of yourself and the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained. 

So give! Give often. Give much. Be grateful.

Why? Because with the way the world works, you will receive more of what you give.

You will receive more of what you focus on.

When you’re generous, the world becomes more generous.

When you’re kind, the world becomes more kind.

When you give, the world gives you more.

The same with negativity… if you maintain a negative mindset, the world gives you more to be negative about. If you focus on positivity, the world gives you more to be positive and feel good about.

All it takes to get started is altering your mindset, giving, and consciously being grateful.

What do you do with your “worthless information”?

I love to serve. Seriously love helping people, and love having diverse friends. I have to laugh when people in the past would tell me I’m full of “useless information” after I’ve answered questions or shown them where to find the information they’re looking for. Not so useless. It’s just a byproduct of my addiction to research and learning. I personally don’t feel any info is worthless or useless. It all has value in some shape or form.

Yes, I do keep track of things I learn. When something strikes me as something I should save, I will file away a bookmark somewhere for future reference. I let my information inspire me with things I talk about, people I connect with, and how I talk with my children.

Most importantly… I share. Mostly over on my Oils website, on social media, and on phone calls with my members and friends. Everything I learn is shared in some way or another. Because the only thing that makes what we know “useless” is by not using it.

When we consciously choose to use our knowledge to help other people, it grows in its value… plus it feels amazing!

So… what should you do with your “useless information”??

I highly recommend you find a way to share it. Whether it is blogging, writing an article for someone else’s publication, or sharing your knowledge in various groups or classes online or offline… I say share your knowledge far and wide.

Enrich the lives of the people around you. Be thankful for your ability to enrich their lives. This is what life truly is about.

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