Gardening, whether you’re growing food, flowers, herbs, trees, or anything else, there is something soothing to the soul about playing in the dirt. growing your own garden is a unique way to give your body an extra dose of self care that works differently than most other self care modalities.

When your usual self care routine is no longer working, my number one recommendation is to get out in nature. For many people, that is a lot easier said than done… but growing your own garden (whether outside or inside) helps bring you closer to nature when getting out in the woods or onto the beach isn’t ideal.

prepare your garden for the next season

How to prepare your garden for next season

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had many unexpected social benefits, among them making workplaces more flexible, increasing support for local businesses, and increasing interest in at-home hobbies, including gardening. At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, it was estimated that millions of people began seeking advice on how to plant vegetables, flowers, …

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reasons to freeze dry food

3 Critical Reasons To Freeze Dry Food & 31 Ways To Use It

While there are many ways to use fruits and vegetables from your garden, freeze-drying opens up a new world of possibilities. Preserving food for your family Preserving your garden harvest to better store food, and keep it from going bad Implementing a comprehensive long-term food security plan Easily share food with others in need Sharing …

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