Create A More Abundant Life

Life is too short fretting over unexplained health issues, mental bocks, having little energy, living uninspired, and just feeling off.

You don’t need a manual… you need a mentor.

What is included in Nicole’s Abundant Life Personal Transformational coaching program:

  • Emotional Freedom Healing Modalities to help you clear mental blocks and emotional distress so you can move through your purpose feeling liberated, free, capable, and have the mental clarity you need to live unstoppable.
  • Provide healthy choice strategy that compliments your lifestyle and reduces your toxin load that negatively effects your mental and physical wellness, so you can feel happier, healthier, more energetic and more purposeful
  • Raise your vibration so you can live more abundantly, clear, intuitive, and in a state of gratitude
  • Wellness and Self Care Coaching to help you love yourself deeper while maximizing your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to live your life as healthy and capable as possible
  • Identify your purpose so you’ll feel more excited about your days, feeling more meaningful, and living inspired and empowered.
  • Strategize how to work from anywhere (even with kids running around at home, without losing your mind) so you can live free to enjoy your life the way you want it lived,
  • Provide continuing support and community to have your questions answered appropriately and thoroughly

Coaching Packages

  • Monthly: $1,200
  • 3-Months: $3,300
  • 6-Months: $6,000

What People Are Saying About Nicole’s Coaching

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