Helpful Resources


If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it.
What you should be doing is getting started.

On this page, you’ll see a list of our favorite resources to help you through personal development, support you through your wellness journey, and guide you through your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Please note, some of the links below may be links to companies I have partnered with, and may potentially result in receiving a small commission. I have personally purchased, tried, and highly recommend each product, course, and subscription listed based on my own personal experiences.

Wellness Resources

  • Healthy Self-Care Products – that are safe for your endocrine system (hello happy hormones), and promote physical wellness while you indulge your senses to promote your mental wellness.
  • Essential Oils – help with sleeping better, focusing more efficiently, maintaining higher energy levels, improving inspiration and creativity, and reducing toxins that prevent you from being your best you.
  • Quality prebiotics, probiotics, and supplements – to heal your body within so you can thrive physically and mentally
  • Healthy Home Water Filter System – because clean water throughout the home is essential for maximizing wellness, brainpower, and family health
  • Healthy Shopping – because who has time for toxins in food or the stress of reduced healthy groceries available on the grocery store shelves?
  • Garden Tower – making gardening your own greens, veggies, and teas very easy, whether inside or outside.
  • Life After Loss ebook or paperback book – helps guide you through your grief journey and embrace a mindset centered around gratitude and purpose.

Business Resources

  • Set up your own website with BigScoots premium website hosting.
  • Use NameCheap to purcahse your website domains at a discount.
  • SEMrush – Get your website on the World Wide Web map with receiving organic search traffic by ensuring your website is as healthy as possible, complete with proper links, and search engine optimization.
  • Create your own membership program, sell digital products, blog, conduct email marketing, and more with Podia
  • MailerLite – a fantastic tool for email marketing or keeping in touch with your email subscribers, with a free option
  • Mighty Networks – a fantastic platform that enables you to set up your own social media channel, add your own separate groups, create courses… everything all in one, and has a mobile app!
  • Canva – use Canva’s photo and graphic editing tools to create your own marketing materials, website graphics and photos or graphics for products.
  • CoinPayments – accept a variety of payment methods, including crypto
  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – for a healthy lifestyle and self-care advocates (includes an affiliate program or retail store program)

If you’re looking for a home-based business opportunity, connect with me! We have systems set up to give you a hand up with building a business in just an hour a day… even if you have kids at home with you.

Homeschool Resources

  • Teach your kid(s) the basics to economics, Constitutional Law, and entrepreneurship with the books and curriculum from The Tuttle Twins.
  • Eat2Explore – sends you a monthly box that teaches you and your children about foreign countries and their cultures through food recipes.
  • Kiwi Crate – a monthly box subscription for kids of all ages to learn engineering basics, art, science, geography
  • BookRoo – an age-appropriate monthly box subscription to provide you with new books to read with your child(ren).
  • Timberdoodle – my favorite place to purchase customized homeschool curriculum kits