Team Resources

Hello! And welcome to the Gracefully Abundant Wellness Team!

As a valued member of our team, you are eligible to receive complimentary access to our Team Resources Vault as my investment in your wellness business and team.

The EssentialOils.Life Team Resource Vault includes:

  • Nicole’s exclusive Authentic Business Course (ABC) along with unlimited individual coaching sessions via phone, video chat, or email. This is where Nicole documented everything she does in her business coaching programs costing over $5,000, making it relevant to your specific business needs, and walks you through the steps you’ll need to design your business in an authentic manner that feels good AND is effective.
  • Access to Nicole’s Healthy Home For A Happier Life course, walking you through exactly how to identify harmful chemicals in your home, and how to effectively replace them (with healthy products mostly offered by Young Living, and DIY options too)
  • Essential Oils 101 – walks you through the basics of how to use essential oils safely, and basic FAQs we’ve received from our mentors’ teams, cross-team members, customers, and team members’ customers.
  • 90-Days Income Producing Activities Plan to help you gain wins quickly
  • New Member Welcome Resources – which gives you an introduction to business, the company, how your virtual office works, what to expect with Subscribe to Save, money-saving tips, the healthy lifestyle products we recommend getting started with, and a plan for replacing harmful products with healthier options (including suggestions for being on a budget).
  • A variety of online courses and challenges you are welcome to duplicate and use with your own teaching routine
  • An open invitation to become a contributing author for Gracefully Abundant, including using your personal referral links (**note this is not a paid position, but does offer you an additional means to grow your business**). I do reserve the right to make edits to any submitted content for SEO purposes (search engine optimization so your post will be found faster and easier from web searches).
  • Be randomly chosen to have your link used on a blog post on this website. Each time I publish a relevant article, I choose a random team leader within my organization to support and promote. Not all of the link clicks convert to a customer all the time, but it is my way of saying thank you and supporting your business. I personally used this method to grow my business to exceed $10,000 in monthly sales.
  • An open invitation to be an affiliate for any and all of the courses we publish, earning 20% of the course price for each course purchased using your unique link. (Please note, I do provide courses for free to all of our team customers enrolled in the monthly subscription… including yours… as provided with our Customer Welcome series that you are welcome to use)
  • An open invitation to publish courses with Gracefully Abundant, and be paid 60% of the profits for each sale, whether you’re an affiliate or not. (Profits equate to the total after an affiliate’s fee is removed from the course price, if the sale is from an affiliate sale).
  • Personal coaching on how to use all of this content, accountability coaching, personal coaching, and unlimited access to me using email and an agreed-upon messenger app. There are also worksheets and tips for how to guide your team leaders through all of these resources, their own personal growth, and their business growth, just as I do with those whom I personally coach. In this section, you’ll also receive instructions on how to create your own group with a few different platform options that won’t censor you.
  • The ability to provide this training to your personally enrolled leaders (and their personally enrolled leaders throughout your entire team) at no cost to any of you.
  • Help setting up your own customized landing page that you may use to share your unique sign-up link, and any other information you’d like to give.

To ensure our resources are kept exclusive to our Team Leaders (including you, and any leaders enrolled on your team), I request you please fill out this form so we can verify your placement within our organization.

After submitting your form, please give me a few days to confirm your association with our team, and email you back with the link to access your resources.

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