diy shave oil using natural ingredients

Luxurious 2-Ingredient Nontoxic DIY Shaving Oil

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Ever run out of shaving cream when you need it the most? There are many DIY recipes you could choose from, but when you’re in a pinch (or just wanting to limit the ingredients you’re using), this quick 2-ingredient nontoxic DIY Shaving Oil will help!

Which two ingredients? Castile soap and essential oil.

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when you make homemade shaving oil, you save a ton of cash and ditch harmful ingredients simply by using Castile soap and essential oil! Not to mention having a custom fragrance you’ll love using only natural ingredients.

You can pick and choose which essential oil you would like to add or simply leave them out altogether. I recommend leaving them in, though, because we all need a little added wellness support. Especially us Moms, when sometimes a shower is the only alone time you get — turn that alone time into a spa, even if it’s only for 10 minutes!

Essential Oil Inspiration For Your Homemade Shaving Oil

There are a few essential oil blends that are great to use for DIY shaving oil too:

One of the best reasons to use essential oils is to make custom fragrances or change the ones you use to invigorate your senses and create a spa-like environment in your bathroom.

SAFETY TIP: If you are taking medication, please review our essential oil and medication contraindication post to learn which essential oils to stay away from, limit, or use cautiously.

2-Ingredient Non-Toxic Shaving Oil Recipe

This non-toxic shaving oil works better than shaving cream, enabling you to enjoy a nice glide, as well as the soothing properties of the essential oil (or blend) you choose.

prep time: 5 MINUTES
total time: 5 MINUTES

Materials You’ll Need For Making Natural DIY Shaving oil

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instead of using a regular soap bottle, you could change it to a foaming soap bottle, which will make your shaving oil last longer (saving money).

Instructions To Make Shaving Oil

  1. Add castile soap to fill your bottle halfway
  2. Add in 20-30 drops of your essential oil, and swirl to mix the oil into the soap
  3. Fill the bottle with castile soap until about 2 inches below the top (to allow room for the pump top)
  4. Put the pump top onto the bottle
  5. Use as needed for shaving

Quick Tip Using Your Natural Shaving Oil

If you plan to use glass bottles in your shower, keep the bottle in a basket so it doesn’t break on the tub or shower floor. I use glass because citrus essential oils can degrade plastic.

Additional Ways To Use Your Natural Shaving Oil:

  • Homemade hand soap
  • Homemade face cleanser
  • Bubble bath
  • Foot cleanser

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diy shave oil using natural inredients

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