There are few companies that produce quality products without harmful substances involved. This page lists our favorites.

Many of the products linked below include Gracefully Abundant partnership links. I personally have tested and use the products recommended, and could potentially receive a small commission for purchases made after clicking my links. This comes at no extra cost to you, and is pre-negotiated with the company. For more info, see our disclosures page.

Nontoxic (Affordable) Personal Care Products

From skincare to hair care to soaps, cosmetics, and body washes. There are few companies that provide truly nontoxic products that also work.


GGlowry is a small, woman-owned business. Kelly, the owner, operator, and product formulator), is passionate about her love for Jesus and hand-making each item in her shop. Her signature skincare set featuring a face toner, moisturizer, and elixir are among my favorite items to have ever touched my face.

Healthy Cleaning Products

Force of Nature

Force of Nature provides cleaning solutions using HOCl (hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine). It is non-toxic, completely safe to use around children and pets, and even safe for use on granite. Plus, it isn’t super expensive.

Healthy Supplements


Purium is a fantastic company that puts health first. They focus on whole foods, a healthy diet, and clean living to maximize health and wellness. They provide a variety of vitamins, supplements, meal replacement shakes, and freeze-dried juice mixes that have helped my family through several health ailments. Use the code GracefullyAbundant for $50 off your $75 or more order.

Happy Juice

Happy Juice is a great way to heal your mind by focusing on gut health and your gut-brain-axis. It combines probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, and phytobiotics to help your body adjust and keep more of the beneficial bacteria while purging the yuck that is bogging you down in a very simple way – just mix it with some water, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Infrared Therapy

Infrared Phototherapy Patches by Lifewave

LifeWave offers infrared patches, perfect for taking your infrared therapy with you on the go. These little patches reflect the infrared light your body naturally emits, providing targeted support by activating specific peptides that work with your body’s naturally produced stem cells. (Read my review here)

Low-EMF Personal Sauna

The Durherm Infrared Sauna is a portable personal sauna with a chair and heated foot pad that is a low-EMF negative ion. It’s reasonably priced compared to alternatives and has been tested by 3rd party testing agents to be proven low-EMF.

Low-EMF Personal Sauna Blanket & PEMF Mat

HigherDOSE offers a low-EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket that detoxifies your body and mind with a healthy sweat that boosts your mood; the revolutionary low-EMF Infrared PEMF Mats recharge and ground at the cellular level for pain relief and deep relaxation; a Red Light Face Mask stimulates collagen, activates glowing skin, reduces fine lines, and regenerates cells; and more.

Investing With Greater Simplicity

7K Metals

Diversify your investment using historical methods: old-fashioned silver and gold. Looking at how the value has increased over time compared to fiat cash and held a steady value, unlike digital options, it just made sense to us. Plus, in many states, you can use gold and silver as legal tender, which isn’t taxable by the state.

We’ve decided to take it a step further and incorporate real gold and silver in our kids’ allowance and accomplishment rewards routine, and so far, they really love collecting various coins and bars and appreciating the long-term value.

We chose to partner with 7K Metals because of the ease of purchasing and other benefits, like health and pet insurance, a free SoundMoney account (which stores what you don’t want to keep on hand in a vault), the ability to cash out your gold or silver quickly and conveniently, earn purchasing loyalty points (hello free gold/silver), savings on travel plans and online purchases outside of metals (like Home Depot), plus the ability to earn a supplemental income.

Homeschool Supplemental Learning Programs

Simply Fun Educational Games

My kids absolutely LOVE SimplyFun‘s educational board games, and I thoroughly enjoy watching them play and learn. Playing takes a lot of stress out of our homeschool routine and gives us quality time to spend together without the influence or stress of screen time.

Tuttle Twins

Tuttle Twins is a series of adventure books based on twins actively participating in their communities to learn entrepreneurship, civics, and free enterprise. These books gave our kids inspiration to learn how to become entrepreneurs and appreciate what goes into having a business of their own.

Eat To Explore Geography Subscription Boxes

Eat2Explore is a monthly subscription box that teaches kids about geography through food. Each month, kids receive information about a place and a recipe to cook together as a family.

Kiwico Stem Subscription Boxes

KiwiCo combines fun with STEAM by providing a variety of age-appropriate monthly subscription boxes to inspire kids to build, create, and explore how things are made.

Bookroo Subscription Boxes

BookRoo is a fun monthly subscription program that sends your family age-appropriate books to help inspire your children’s love for reading.

For Your Pets

Healthy Food & Supplements for Dogs & Cats

PawTree has been a huge blessing for our family dog (you can read my personal review and experience here). Our favorite products are the freeze-dried foods, brain drops supplement (for senior dogs), and salmon oil supplement. Their ingredients are far better than most dog brands we’ve researched and tried, and can’t help but recommend them! Not sure where to start? Head over to their website by clicking the linked button below, and create a “pet profile” in the top menu of the page. In the pet profile, you’ll let them know what your dog’s age, breed, size, and weight are along with any specific concerns you may have, and they’ll give you a list of recommendations, including a full food and supplement plan with options to choose from.