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Lifewave X39 Patch: What Is It & How Does It Work??

LifeWave offers an entirely new approach to activating stem cells in the body that is not a drug or a nutritional supplement. It’s a new way of taking advantage of stem cell technology with a much better and different method than anything else you’ve heard of before. 

LifeWave technology is phototherapy, so instead of putting a drug or a nutritional supplement in your body, we can activate stem cells with light [reflecting your body’s infrared light]. We do it all with a patch containing no ingredients that go into your body. Some patches have a medication or supplement that absorbs into your body… those are transdermal patches. LifeWave’s patches are non-transdermal.

With LifeWave, no ingredients are going into your body; instead, the patch stimulates the surface of your skin with light.

This is a technology that David invented and patented. He currently has about 100 global patents that have been issued and are pending.

How the X39 Patch Works

How does this work with the x39? Applying the patch just about anywhere on your body (or on your clothes) reflects your body’s infrared light. We recommend two locations for convenience: one is on the back of the neck, and the other is below the belly button.

Once applied to the surface of your skin (or clothes next to your skin), the patch is immediately activated by your body heat. Keep in mind that body heat is a form of infrared light. This heat and light will activate the patch, causing it to reflect particular wavelengths of light that stimulate the surface of your skin. Scientifically, this is called “photobiomodulation,” a method of phototherapy. In simpler terms, it means that when your skin is stimulated with light, it causes particular chemical reactions in your body, similar to how sun exposure causes your body to produce vitamin D3. It’s the same biochemical process. 

So, these x39 (and other) LifeWave patches use very specific wavelengths of light generated by your body that are reflected by the patch products to stimulate the skin’s surface, stimulating the nerves under your skin. When you stimulate your nerves, a signal is sent through your body, causing it to produce a particular biochemical change. 

Just like the sun’s ultraviolet light is used to cause the production of vitamin D3, LifeWave patches use other wavelengths of light to produce other biochemical changes that are designed to improve energy, improve focus, improve physical performance, perform anti-aging assistance, reduce inflammation, and other tasks as well. 

The x39 patch will elevate naturally occurring peptides in your body that generally decline with age. This increase in peptides is known to activate stem cells.

If you’ve seen any LifeWave x39 testimonials, you already know the benefits of elevating this peptide. 


X39 Patch Reported Benefits

The first thing you’d want to know about the x-39 is that it produces an immediate effect. Unlike changing your skincare or gut health routine and waiting 30-90 days before noticing a difference, you’ll notice a difference much faster with these patches. Most people we’ve talked with notice that using the x39 produces changes you can feel on the first day of use. 

Reduce inflammation

Why? The x-39 will increase the production of antioxidants and decrease inflammation, so people feel this improves their energy levels, pain reduction, and overall well-being.

Improve sleep quality

Most people will notice within the first few days of using the x-39 that they see significant improvements in their sleep quality, so they have more energy. Elevating antioxidants in the body can also upregulate or increase the energy your cells produce, causing a potent anti-aging effect. People see this when they notice their very first day that they’re more energized by the end of the day.

Reduce pain

Some of the most impressive testimonials we receive on the x-39 patch involve outstanding reports about pain relief, specifically with chronic long-term knee pain. Within minutes of applying the x-39 patch, the pain is gone. Customers report pain reducing to include back pain, migraine headaches, arthritic shoulders, arthritic joints, and more.

So don’t be surprised when you use the x-39 that you’ll see an immediate reduction in the level of your pain, an improvement in mobility, and an overall improvement in how you feel. 

Increases your body’s collagen production

Another impressive benefit reported in testimonials and clinical studies is that about three or four weeks of consistent daily use, and through about the first 12 weeks of using the x-39, is the increase in the amount of collagen your body produces

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Many think collagen is in the skin (thanks to the skincare industry), but it’s everywhere throughout the body. When you use the x39 patch, you’ll increase your collagen production. Over some time, you’ll notice your skin tighten with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Improves your body’s fitness and sports performance

The x-39 also helps with fitness and sports performance. One thing stem cells do really well is repair damage to the body through your body’s own natural healing process. In other words, your stem cells are attracted to the injury site, specifically for repairing that injury.

When you exercise, one of the things that happens is your muscle ends up slightly damaged so your body can repair it and make the muscle stronger. What individuals have noticed with the x-39 patch is that it increases the speed of recovery, AND sports performance improves. People report feeling better and performing better than they have at any time in their lives. 

Hair growth. Another benefit reported to us with using the x39 patch is hair growth. While this hair growth has not yet been demonstrated in LifeWave’s clinical studies, there are numerous testimonials from many of our male members. Clinical research in this area has shown that if stem cell activity in the scalp is increased, this would, in fact, lead to hair growth, so LifeWave is monitoring these effects and investing in clinical research towards it. 

Improve wound and scar tissue healing

Scar tissue reduction. One of the things that stem cells can do is initiate a process in your skin called remodeling. Part of this has to do with the increase in collagen production, but it simply means that there will be a reduction in the appearance of scars. We have some wonderful testimonials about this!

The most exciting thing about the x39 patch and some of the most dramatic testimonials received is wound healing. Clinical research has already established and proven that elevation of the peptide that the x39 patch focuses on causes stem cells to increase the production of growth factors and leads to dramatic increases in the rate at which our bodies heal. 

The level of effectiveness our body has with wound healing is a natural process. As we age, our stem cell quality diminishes. By the time we get over the age of 60, the stem cells are no longer moving very quickly, and they’re not releasing the needed growth factors to repair your body’s damage. This is why people over 60 and 70 start to notice they don’t heal either very well or at all anymore. The x39 patch helps to support the natural wound healing process, leading to a faster recovery. 

Anti-aging benefits

Youth Renewal is part of who LifeWave is as a company, having developed products over the years in anti-aging. As proven in clinical research, the X39 patch elevates a compound in the body that’s been proven to rewrite your genes to operate in a younger and healthier state. There are around 18,000 or 19,000 genes in the body that encode proteins. As you age, you lose access to this information (hypermethylation). It simply means that you can no longer access information in your body that you had access to when you were younger. The x39 patch changes this, so thousands of genes will be reset to a more youthful, healthier state, meaning you will have more vitality. 

Where to Purchase Lifewave Patches

If you’re ready to order your first set of patches, you can shop LifeWave’s products here. Using my link will also enable you to qualify to receive personalized wellness-related coaching.

** LifeWave currently distributes its products to over 100 countries, including the US and Canada.

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