Finding Gratitude From Grief

Finding Gratitude Through Grief

Whether you've lost someone close to you or you've lost yourself, grief is a powerful emotion to move through. It tips your world upside down and inside out in the most beautifully frustrating ways.

Did you know…

  • 1 in 5 children experience the death of someone close to them by age 18
  • At any given time, approximately 60% of Americans experience the loss of someone close
  • 15% (or 1 in 10) of people that experience loss go through complicated grief
  • Between 21-24% of people who experience complicated grief will suffer with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and 30-50% will suffer from PTSD

Turn Your Grief Into Hope, Strength, and Purpose

Gratitude is the process of capturing the beauty and preserving special memories you have experienced with your loved one. It opens your heart and soul to renew HOPE.

Perceiving your loss as an extension of the LOVE you have been given shapes character, brings joy, provides confidence, and is powerful in its healing capabilities. Know that you grieve because you have been gifted with a heart open to GREAT LOVE! You must find a way to live your life while honoring the one you have lost.

This journey may seem unattainable at times. Your grief journey is unique to you and is no small feat. As you explore the emotional turmoil that holds you captive in your grief, challenge any untrue thoughts, and allow yourself to welcome and be consumed by gratitude, you will feel validated in your struggles, begin to renew your hope, and honor your loved one by living in your purpose.

If you are grieving a loss, I would like to tell you that you are not alone. Processing your loss brings a plethora of emotions that you may not wish to sit with. However, when you work through the emotions instead of going around them; it is then that you can begin to take small stair steps towards moving forward in life. Pain from circumstance, no matter how horrific, can be dissolved as we move through and not around emotion. We find a new perspective, new hope, and the peace we are promised that surpasses all understanding.

The 2020 Grief Symposium has been created to bring those who grieve together in their understanding that Grief is something we should acknowledge and share. You do not have to suffer alone. There is something sensational about coming together as a community and releasing the emotion that cripples. Relating to others, reaching out to others, and encouraging others can begin a healing process one small Stair Step at a time.

Imagining Life After Loosing A Loved One

Imagine yourself finding renewed hope… freeing yourself from being trapped engulfed in guilt, anger, and debilitating sadness.

Imagine yourself finding renewed strength… regaining your confidence, motivation, faith, and overall wellness… feeling like you are once again capable of living your life to its fullest.

Finally have the strength to allow yourself to feel supported, knowing that you are not alone in your grieving and healing journey.

Imagine yourself finding renewed sense of purpose in your life…Feeling fulfilled once again, knowing that you do not have to suffer in pain forever after losing your loved one.

Allow yourself to seize opportunities hidden in front of you that will fill your heart with a fiery passion, enabling you to feel loved, needed, and valuable again.

What value can you put on your own life and wellbeing?

Would you like to gain your life back, knowing that you can have hope again while feeling gratitude for the life spent with your loved one? Yes! This is possible! Know that you are worth it, and you do deserve it!

How do you move forward?

Take life one small Stair Step at a time…

Why “Stair Steps?” Because grieving is a journey.

The process is an uphill climb and is not comfortable. The alternative is to stay still and do nothing. While there are arguments for both sides, this process requires you to embark on a personal growth journey. Personal growth comes through enduring discomfort and by forging valleys. They are inevitable. You choose how to journey through your circumstance whether its embracing growth, honor, and gratitude or solitude and stagnation.

I would like to invite you to join us in learning how to acknowledge grief, lean on one another, and begin healing imperfectly as we grow in character, honor, and community. Surrender, pour out your hearts, and accept the outpouring of love from a community that acknowledges your pain and desires you to live in abundance. As in the song by Matt Redman; let us be Gracefully Broken.

There are a few resources I would love to share with you for helping you move through your grief.

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My favorite part of the book Life After Losing A Loved One:

I am blessed to have had a short time to know and love my daughter here on earth. As I carried her in my womb, I began to realize a love I never knew, and as I cared for her during her short life; my heart learned more of love than I ever thought possible. The exponential growth my heart received in moments was more than I could have ever known to ask for, and I am forever grateful to God for sending my daughter to me during this lifetime.

I absolutely love how Kristina focuses on gratitude after she lost her daughter. Her mindset shifted to focus on being grateful for the limited time they had together, instead of dwelling in what she lost. While her grief doesn't disappear with focusing on gratitude, it frees her from punishing herself over all the “could have” and “maybe” thoughts. I find that to be very inspiring.

I also love the review from Chaney Fletcher: “Life After Losing A Loved One” by Kristina Risinger is an amazing resource for those who have suffered a loss. I have suffered loss at different ages and of different degrees, including losing my parents and close friends. This is a much needed reminder of how to cope, mourn, and grieve while also continuing to live your life without guilt. It shows that there is hope for your future and not all is lost. This is a great book to help others through their journey of life after loss with scriptures that serve as a reminder that God is in control and has a plan for everyone. Thank you for sharing your journey!

About The Life After Loss Author:

Kristina 1

Kristina Risinger is a close friend of mine. She is a wife, mom, and published author of the book Life After Losing A Loved One: How to Turn Grief Into Hope, Strength, and Purpose. She is also a podcast host to the Rooted Abundance and Faith Breathed Hope podcasts, and Summit Host for The Virtual Grief Symposium and the Kingdom Women Summit.

After her daughter passed away, she struggled with the intense pain that comes with losing a child. While completely natural, a life of grief, declined health, feeling overwhelmed, lost, and without hope is not optimal. Through her journey into healing from grief, she was able to find her purpose. Over the past couple of years, she developed a deep understanding of how grief works, how to release her pain, and how to turn that pain into gratitude and purpose.

Through her own grieving process, she felt a new sense of purpose grow in her heart. She found herself again helping other families through their grieving processes. She found herself shining as a beacon of light supporting families through their healing process in their own unique ways, by helping them through finding faith, hope, and purpose.

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Gratitude in Grief Journey

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