Be Your Own Superhero: Overcoming Anxiety

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Anxiety. It’s that adrenaline rush anchored down by the pit in your stomach and covered up by the lump in your throat.

It’s that overwhelming feeling that everyone around you is staring and judging.
It’s that obsessive nervous inner turmoil that stops your productivity in its tracks.

Anxiety comes in all different shapes and sizes. It is often useful and natural during tense moments that requires extra concentration and stamina. Although anxiety is a natural biological response, sometimes it becomes more than what it was meant to be. It can be anything from butterflies in your stomach to debilitating, and can prevent you from making new relationships or advancing relationships you may already have.

Many people are debilitated by anxiety, specifically social anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, know you’re not alone and YOU CAN overcome this! And no, I’m not talking about hours upon billable hours of appointments and handfuls of pills. Although those options have their place, they don’t necessarily help everyone (me included). Overcoming social anxiety requires stepping outside of your comfort zone and practice talking with people who would ordinarily have made you anxious.

Start out by talking with people you know well, and work your way to striking up conversations and getting to know acquaintances. Before you know it, you’ll be able to speak in front of small groups and then move on to larger audiences if you choose to.

Network Marketing and having my trusted dog at my side has done wonders for my anxiety. I actually do take time out to contact each of my customers either via phone and email to check in on them periodically. That doesn’t mean I don’t still become anxious when stepping outside of my comfort zone or talking with people I haven’t spoken with in a long time. This just means I’ve consciously chosen to step outside that comfort zone and go for it.

Over time, as the relationships develop, talking with those friends, acquaintances, and even strangers does become easier. Reaching out does become more comfortable over time as relationships develop. It was a MAJOR step outside my comfort zone (as was this blog). Sometimes I stare at the phone or keyboard working up the nerve to make the call. Now that I have a good relationship with most of my customers, it’s not so tough. Though I do still feel anxious when calling new ones, it’s not as bad as it was when I first started.

The anxiety did not go away over night. It’s still not fully gone. For me, it’s now manageable. It took knowing why I wanted to overcome it and having a good reason to do so. I spent 7 years unemployed, and watched my husband struggle to wake up every morning to leave home for a job he enjoyed very little. With no end in sight to my unemployability, I decided to take on the challenge to work the business side of my beloved essential oil company.

This meant I NEEDED to step outside of my comfort zone or I would never be successful in helping our little family’s financial situation.

I started with people I knew and were already comfortable talking with. Often it was asking if I could practice talking with them before I spoke with other people about the oils I’ve been using. Often I put the Valor essential oil blend on my wrists and neck too. Valor is an incredible with boosting confidence and calming the jitters.

It feels AMAZING, by the way, to overcome anxiety that used to be consuming and debilitating. It’s even more amazing to know I did it by making a choice and following through. This has honestly helped me more than the 10-20-ish shrinks I’ve seen. I hope you give it a try too: find a motivating reason to overcome your anxiousness and push yourself to overcome.

Do you deal with anxiety? If so, how do you cope? Have you consistently tried to step out of your comfort zone? Share in the comments!

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