Thank you for looking into the Gracefully Abundant Media Kit to see how we can work together. 

Gracefully Abundant Readers Demographics:

  • Parents searching for tools and tips specifically with regard to working from home;
  • Primarily women, 25-44 yrs old, 
  • The largest majority of our readers reside in the United States. I also see many readers from various countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. (Please see the map below)
  • More than 90% are parents  of children ages infant through 11 years old; 
  • Most are looking for ways to make money from home, live healthily while saving money, DIY, reducing stress, sustainability, homemaking, homeschooling, ways to expand their home businesses, etc.
  • Online shoppers.
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Website and Social Media Statistics

  • Average monthly website visitors: 400
  • LinkedIn Followers: 1,000+
  • Pinterest Monthly Views: 46k
  • Email List: 500+

We Are Currently Accepting:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Product or program review posts, preferably with affiliate opportunities
  • Pre-approved guest posts from Insiders members, coaching clients, and team members
  • Affiliate Programs

Please note… I am NOT open to affiliate, direct sales, or network marketing opportunities involving website hosting, marketing training, marketing platforms, membership platforms, jewelry, currency (including crypto), video games, essential oils, gut-health supplements, weight loss products, other wellness products, or skincare/cosmetics. 

Sponsored posts (including product review posts) cost $650 (USD)

** I do not accept non-paid guest posts from freelance writers on behalf of a corporation or business website. Any post submitted and linked to a corporate, commerce, or business website will be treated as a Sponsored Post, and invoiced accordingly.

Requirements for Publishing on Gracefully Abundant:

ALL content will honor the following requirements:

  • Support our readers by solving a specific and relevant problem, providing instructions to create something, or raising awareness of a relevant problem or cause (topic ideas listed in the FAQs below).
  • Focus on a keyword (or keyphrase) with over 5,000 monthly Google searches.
  • Are over 600 words of quality content (no fluff), but under 3,000 words.
  • Do NOT contain pop-ups, malware, or unseen coding.
  • 100% YOUR ORIGINAL content, not published anywhere else.
  • Do not harvest emails from readers on this site. 
  • Do not contain any “fake news” or misleading content.
  • NOT written by AI – ONLY HUMAN-WRITTEN content.
  • Do not contain medical diagnosing or treatment information.
  • Comply with all US FTC marketing regulations and Google guidelines.
  • Edited for comprehension, grammar, and SEO.

Please see our FAQs before scrolling down to send me a message.

Link Requirements for Sponsored and Guest Posts

** Note ** These requirements are non-negotiable

  • ALL Sponsored post links will be marked as NO-FOLLOW, SPONSORED
  • Links to websites without a pre-established relationship with Gracefully Abundant will be marked as NO-FOLLOW.
  • No direct links to your (or a client’s) website will be provided on the Gracefully Abundant homepage without sponsoring the entire website, which comes at an additional monthly cost.
  • In-text links to any website that does not add value to the content or are irrelevant will be deleted.
  • You may be allowed up to 2 relevant in-text links that provide additional value to the readers.
  • At the end of each post will be a brief biography about the writer, sponsor, or sponsoring company with a no-follow/sponsored tagged link to your website.
  • Gracefully Abundant reserves the right to add additional links to other Gracefully Abundant posts, affiliate links, or 3rd party posts that augment the information. If you do not want us to add links to your post, an additional fee will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions about publishing on Gracefully Abundant. Please read these FAQs before contacting us about your guest or sponsored post request.

Please Fill Out the Form Below to Pitch Your Sponsored Post Topic or Request More Information

To get in touch with me about providing a sponsored or review post, please fill out the form below with a detailed message about how you would like to collaborate, your article ideas, or your affiliate opportunity. I will reply via email as soon as possible, within 5 business days.

If you would rather connect via email, please email Nicole at nicole @ To get Nicole’s attention, add “GA Post Request: <your topic idea>” in the subject to let her know you’ve read through this page and understand the requirements.

Please keep your topic pitches on the topic to the healthy lifestyles, homeschooling, homemaking, sustainability, and work-from-home niches.