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Leaning Into Truly Living Healthier

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Have you ever shook your head at how many “healthy” personal care, cleaning, and “wellness companies” hype their products, just to leave their customers let down because they just don’t perform as well as expected? That is about to change.

Join me in growing a passionate flock of leaders to join my mission of helping people truly live happier, healthier, and more purposeful lives by leveling up their gut health, improving their energy, and enhancing their moods the healthy way. Are you ready to answer the call, and join in?

Getting To Know Amare’s Signature Products

Amare specializes in using a series of high-quality, fully natural supplements to optimize your gut health, energy, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, cognitive functioning, and sleep.

Happy Juice

Nourish your gut and your brain, and tackle life’s insanity, without the dreaded “pill fatigue,” jitters, or crash.

Happy Juice
Combining these 3 supplements into one delicious drink is a great way to get in your probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, and phytobiotics, while stepping up your energy and jumpstarting your motivation to accomplish your never-ending to-do-list.

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The Fundamentals

The cornerstone of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your gut and brain’s ability to communicate with each other.


The first supplement of its kind that targets your gut flora balance for helping you love your body and mind again

For Kids & Teens

Support your kids’ physical and mental health by providing them with all the essentials to maintaining a healthy microbiome and brain.

Amare’s Advocate Compensation Plan

Amare provides a generous compensation plan for its advocates. For retail sales you personally make, you’ll receive 20% for the customer’s first 2 months, then you’ll make an extra 5-30%, depending on your total volume of sales.

Once you enroll your first 3 customers or advocate partners on the subscribe to save, the monthly auto-ship program, you’ll receive a $135 3-and-Me Bonus. When three personally enrolled advocates qualify for the 3-and-Me bonus, you’ll receive a $385 monthly bonus.

If you choose to build a team, you’ll make additional 4-5% commissions on their sales for up to 7 levels, with the opportunity to earn additional team leadership bonuses, and levels of guaranteed income.

Have a question? Fill out the form below to get in contact with me, and to receive more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What coaching services do you provide for your team?

I’ve been a skilled business strategist, wellness coach, and online marketer for 10 years. As an active member of my team, you’ll receive unlimited access to all my coaching, and also access to my mentors’ coaching for as long as you need. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our group coaching initiatives with our team’s social media groups.

In addition to coaching, you’ll also receive complimentary access to all of my current and future online courses, including an exclusive business course only available for my wellness advocates to help you launch successfully and authentically.

My mentors and I all teach authentic business marketing practices that lead to attraction marketing, so you won’t have to deal with feeling slimy, salesy, or discouraged that comes from outdated marketing practices. we focus on enhancing your wellness on every level… and that overflows into our heart and God-centered marketing initiatives.

FAQ: Do I have to build a team to be successful?

Amare does not require you to build a team to be successful, though it does help for long-term growth and is needed to maximize earning opportunities. You can run a successful business and bring in a solid income just through customer sales. Customer sales commissions are tiered 5-35% based on how much you sell.

FAQ: Do you have an affiliate program? Or do I have to sign up as an Advocate?

Amare does not require you to build a team to be successful. They do have an affiliate program for influencers

  • Up to 38% earnings on all sales through your link (for customers’ 1st 60 days)
  • 10% discount on all products you purchase on Subscribe To Save for your personal use
  • Ready-to-use ecommerce website (for qualifying applicants)
  • Earn free products
  • Earn complimentary trips with an incentive path

To apply to become an affiliate, you must have 15,000 followers on your primary social media account. If the referral number or coupon code doesn’t populate, use 96415.

What People Are Saying About Amare

I can’t wait to help you further your journey in Growing Your love for your body, your mind, your business, and your community

Need More Information?

Simply fill out this contact form or email me directly at Please let me know what questions you have, and if you’re interested in becoming an advocate or affiliate. I’ll personally reply as quickly as I am able, and am thrilled to help you figure out which opportunity would be best for your needs.

Why I Use and Promote Amare

In 2008, I was released from serving in the US Navy after developing a complicated autoimmune and neurological disorder. I was told by more than 35 doctors to enjoy what little capability my body still had because I would be dead before I reached my 30th birthday. In 2012, I was removed from the Veterans Hospital list of active patients at the request of my neurologist and psychiatrist for questioning them and “caring too much about my health,” resulting in feeling paralyzed by their refusal to help me navigate life as a homeless veteran.

The following year, the man who is now my husband took me into his home to help keep me from living on the street, and together we decided to follow God’s calling by building a garden and growing our own food. That choice had a profound impact on my health, and lead me down the path of removing harmful chemicals from everything we possibly could within our home. Little did I know… each of those decisions contributed to helping my gut heal and change the terrain within my body.

On September 19th, 2013 I had my last and final seizure, and 13 other chronic autoimmune and neurological diagnoses fell into remission, leaving me in better physical health, and teaching me how much trauma I endured emotionally that left me with continued chronic anxiety and depression. Little did I know then, changing my food habits helped start the journey to healing my gut, which now is well known to help combat autoimmune problems and strengthen the gut-brain axis nerve.

While I don’t regret the past being part of my journey, I fully see how helpful Amare’s products would have been back then, helping me target a healthier mental wellness state in addition to fast-tracking the healing I never would have known was possible.

After spending several months researching Amare and talking extensively with another blogger friend in the wellness and natural living niche, I was really impressed with their dedication to researching ingredients, sustainability, quality control, safety testing, and quality sourcing really impressed me. I’m a huge advocate for company transparency and find companies willing to share the intimate details of their company to be refreshing and noteworthy.

After receiving their products in the Launch Pack, GBX Fit, and Reboot+ I was amazed. Having tried products from numerous “healthy” brands, I’m very impressed with Amare’s company culture and their products, their ingredients, and how well they work.

After personally helping over 200 families through their own healing journeys, Amare’s products are now an invaluable tool in my wellness coaching.

Have a question? Fill out the form below to get in contact with me, and to receive more information.

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