MLM Opportunities for full time RV living

Top 3 MLM Opportunities for Full-Time RVers & Travelers

The most common question I receive when asked how we can afford life on the road living in our 5th wheel is how we can afford it. While it isn't always easy to work and travel, especially when life becomes inconsistent, there are opportunities available that accommodate an inconsistent life centered around freedom. Imagine combining the freedom and flexibility of full-time RV living with the earning potential of a lucrative MLM business, without the logistics stress that comes with monthly shipments. Yes, you read that right – there are MLM opportunities out there tailored to accommodate your nomadic lifestyle. In this article, we will delve into the world of RV-friendly MLM business opportunities and explore how you can hit the road in style while building your venture.

I'm going to assume since you found this page that you already know what an MLM or network marketing is, and its benefits, so we can skip that part. If you're wondering about specifics, check out my article here that explains it.

The Downside to Network Marketing When Full-Time RV Living (And Traveling)

When my family started our full-time RV adventure, I already had an established MLM business focused on wellness and healthy living that complimented my Healthy Home online course, herbalism experience, and healthy lifestyle blog.

I quickly realized that being on the monthly auto-ship was challenging because we weren't always in the same place each month. Sometimes, life got in the way of thorough planning, and I struggled to figure out how to receive my monthly shipments.

Thankfully, most of the campgrounds we were at were accommodating, but it is difficult to know where and how to have something shipped when it takes a week to arrive, you don't know which site you'll be at, how long you will be there, that campground's mail policy, or if something will happen that will derail your plans and not end up at that planned campground at the planned time or at all.

Not to mention, some locations don't have the internet connectivity needed to adjust autoship dates, times, locations, etc.

With so much uncertainty on the road, we changed our lifestyle a bit when it came to wellness products.

Wellness & Lifestyle Changes To Compliment Full-Time RV Life

Sometimes, you get pushed to the point where something needs to change.

We chose the RV life because our family craved a deeper sense of simplicity, adventure, and connection to God.

This whole “where will our box arrive and when” ordeal did NOT fit that need.

So… we made some changes… I loved my healthy lifestyle company's wellness products (which had helped a lot during my healing journey), and my team, but times were changing.

Through them, I was inspired to pick up in-depth training in herbalism and naturopathy, which gave me the confidence to embark on a new-to-me, more natural, less processed journey.

Replaced vitamins and supplements with juicing and functional nutrition. My husband even purchased gardening supplies and a hydroponic system that allowed us to grow medicinal and culinary herbs and salad makings in the RV.

Instead of purchasing healthy soaps, skincare, and haircare from my company, we make our own and sometimes purchase from local farmer markets and artisans when available. We often travel with supplies needed to DIY our hygiene and personal care products, which also has decreased how much trash we produce.

Replaced essential oils with foraging wild herbs and flowers to process into hydrosols. Sometimes, I'll process them into essential oils, too, if there is time and adequate resources (like having a fire pit). These hydrosols and oils become room sprays, perfumes, colognes, and ingredients for soaps. Herbs and flowers are also often used in our soapmaking activities too.

I stopped wearing makeup… It's so hard to find quality makeup that isn't contaminated and that I don't react to. It's even harder to DIY, so I decided to get comfortable in my skin (the way God intended). Camping continuously isn't really friendly to keeping makeup nice anyway, especially if you're out on nature walks, engaging in water sports, and hiking frequently.

On occasion, our kids will also sell some of the products we make to campers we see are in need and haven't found a store, which also helps teach our kids entrepreneur values and strategies.

Something Was Missing

I stepped away from my company, leaving behind a 6-figure direct sales business. For a while, I also stepped away from coaching, knowing internet connectivity isn't always reliable enough to keep a schedule when you're on the go.

But something was missing.

I deeply missed my team. I deeply missed coaching. I deeply missed celebrating wins together. And, I missed serving others and fulfilling needs in a business capacity where other people would advance in areas of life they struggled with, especially without “charging my worth” that most coaches push, also knowing that my coaching efforts wouldn't provide the income we needed if I charged what those families could afford.

Essentially… I missed my old coaching business. And it took some time for me to find companies to partner with that would simply fit in with my needs and lifestyle.

I truly love the network marketing system for many reasons, but to be able to use my God-given gifts of business strategy and coaching in a manner that lifts up others without requiring a huge investment from them really is my jam.

However… the downside to building an MLM business while traveling full-time in an RV is that most companies sell and ship products to you.

Criteria for Full-Time Traveling RV-Friendly MLM Companies

I honestly don't see the point of promoting products I can't realistically purchase every month, which means I wouldn't be using them. What is the point of promoting products you don't use?

There are a few (or rather a few more than a few) specific characteristics of an MLM company that I found to be non-negotiable:

  • Provide something I can use to help my future customers and team leaders solve a problem.
  • Christian-Friendly. Absolutely no corporate or team culture that promotes new-agey trends or ideals.
  • Mentorship support systems in place to help my team when I'm not accessible, robust enough that I don't need to create a new community myself.
  • No need to worry about receiving monthly shipments
  • No need to hold inventory
  • Simple, easy-to-understand (easy-to-teach) compensation plan that honors all members.
  • Direct deposit payments (NOT through a 3rd party system like PayQuicker that charges additional fees for reps to use).
  • Something I can add use to complement my existing entrepreneurial efforts and blogging.

Problem-solving is the cornerstone of sales. There is an old saying: “if you need a bigger paycheck, solve bigger problems.” And I feel like this ideal mindset fits in beautifully with biblical finance values.

MLM Businesses That Honor Full-Time RV Families' Needs

There are a few MLM businesses that complement full-time traveling exceptionally well.

Of course, there is no perfect solution for every family situation and life season, but here is a list of my favorite options:


ACN provides satellite TV, mobile phone, identity theft protection, and affordable health share (like insurance) services that those living the RV lifestyle might be interested in.

They also provide commissions to help people restructure how they pay for electricity, gas, business payment processing, [non-RV] travel, and other utilities.


  • Get paid residual income for as long as your customers are enrolled and paying their bills
  • Doesn't require tangible products


  • You're limited in what you can use (ID protection, health share program, satellite TV, mobile phone)
  • Lower-than-normal commissions (2-8% of what your customers spend) mean you'd need to sell $1,500 in services each month to earn $30. To earn 8%, you'd need to sell or maintain $15,000+ per month in ACN services (on average, 300 customers), giving you a residual income of $1,200 per month.

7k Metals

7k Metals offers gold and silver with an auto-ship rewards program that enables you to earn free gold/silver, and they offer complementary vault storage. With the value of our dollar shrinking rapidly, it is nice to have something more tangible to invest in.

I really love how the complimentary vault storage enables you to sell your gold or silver into cash and deposit it into your primary accounts in a simple manner. This helps reduce frivolous spending while still allowing you to access your wealth in case of emergencies.


  • Convert your cash flow into assets that aren't rapidly losing value.
  • Complimentary safe vault storage so you don't have to haul with you what you don't immediately need.
  • You are less likely to use the funds for unnecessary spending, but if emergencies arise, it's easy to cash out your silver/gold from the vault and have the monetary value deposited right into your bank account.
  • You can set up “guardian accounts” to create long-term savings in gold and silver for your kids, enabling generational wealth without worrying about their savings accounts losing value
  • Weekly direct deposit payouts.
  • Binary compensation plan – meaning you and your team win as our whole team wins.
  • Allows you to participate in non-competing opportunities


  • Not everyone knows they can safeguard their savings in such a simple manner, or even why it is important to have gold or silver as an investment strategy.
  • Their compensation plan is based on weekly volumes, done with monthly purchases, so it takes some strategy to make your commission amounts more consistent.

7K Metals Business Opportunity


7k Metals offers a business opportunity centered around building and maintaining your wealth while providing a unique opportunity to help others do the same. *Available in most countries

Girl Power Alliance (GPA) – Business Coaching

Girl Power Alliance is a great coaching program, specifically designed for Christian women who would like to become coaches, speakers, and leaders within their community, personal coaching programs, and other areas of being a professional. This is designed as an MLM, but you can use it without or without the MLM features and apply it to any business environment.

Their 200+ training and certifications include:

  • Biblical leadership discipleship and training
  • Radiant Leadership Coaching Certification
  • Kingdom Speaker Academy
  • Communication and On-Camera Training
  • Social Media Marketing & Branding
  • Vision & Goal Setting
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Kingdom Finances (personal and business-related finance topics)
  • Personal Development courses
  • Homemaking and homeschooling courses
  • …and much more…


  • A done-for-you membership (virtual franchise model) with personal, professional, and leadership development training.
  • Christian-based, but also welcomes women who aren't Christians (as long as you're ok with hearing God or Jesus mentioned frequently)
  • Instant enrollment bonuses
  • High-ticket commissions and monthly bonuses (6 total ways to earn)
  • No recruiting requirements to rank advance
  • Allows you to participate in other opportunities
  • New content is added monthly
  • Done-For-You funnel system
  • ALL replays are made available so you can watch as you're able
  • Affiliate program if you want to promote the membership without being a member yourself
  • A Men's group is available too!


  • Reliable internet access is required to view the courses.
Woman Smile with Bible scaled

Girl Power Alliance Business Opportunity


Girl Power Alliance is a one-of-a-kind (first-of-its-kind) global membership program specifically designed to teach Christian women bible-based business, marketing, personal development, public speaking, and Kingdom finance skills. With its generous referral compensation plan, you can make your membership more affordable or create a supplemental income to help you better manage life's (and business) expenses.

LifeWave Wellness Patches

If you haven't heard of LifeWave yet, it is a company centered around phototherapy that works with your body's peptides and naturally occurring stem cells to achieve next-level wellness and energy levels without “pill fatigue,” contraindications, or side effects.

I was initially skeptical, but curiosity bested me, so I gave them a try (you can read my review here).

How do they work? By reflecting your body's naturally produced infrared back to you in certain frequencies that trigger the copper peptides in your body to stimulate your naturally occurring stem cells in a manner that supports overall wellness.

Yes, I know… it's a product… but the sales and purchases are flexible, and honestly, $100 per month in patches has saved me $350+ in supplements and vitamins.

What I like…

  • You can set it up to purchase “maintenance packs,” which can last 6 months. So, it is much more flexible than most other product-based MLMs.
  • Being small, quarter-sized, almost paper-thin patches, they take up a LOT less space than my old stash of vitamins and supplements.
  • Protocols for liver cleansing, pain management, general wellness, increased energy, thyroid support, adrenal support, EMF shielding, weight management, heart health, fitness enhancement, brain support,… and so much more…

Plus, they're super easy to use. Just apply a sticker. I can't have adhesives on my skin, so I attach my patches to my clothes, and they still work great.


  • Flexible purchasing plans so you do not have to buy every month to remain eligible for commissions
  • Patches and patch envelopes take up a very small amount of space, especially compared to supplements and oils
  • Binary compensation plan that enables your business and income to grow based on my and my mentors' team efforts, not just your own.
  • Allows you to participate in non-competing opportunities
  • Just starting to gain popularity in the natural wellness space, so there's plenty of growth room


  • While there are flexible purchasing plans, it's still product-based, so every few months you'll need to figure out an address to have your package sent to.
x39 How It Works

Lifewave Business Opportunity


Earn a supplemental income by sharing information about improving wellness without needing to take supplements.

RV-Friendly Multilevel Affiliate Programs

Sometimes MLM isn't a specific option for RVers, especially when you travel full-time. In this case, you have the option to sign up for multilevel affiliate programs (or single-level affiliate programs)

What is a multilevel affiliate program? It is an affiliate program where you get paid retail commissions on sales for selling a product or service, while also gaining a bonus commission for the retail sales of members you personally recruit.

Multi-Level Affiliate Programs with No Purchasing Requirements

  • GGlowry – handmade herbal skincare. Get paid a 10% commission for your sales plus a 2% commission for the sales your affiliate recruits make. Paid monthly via PayPal.
  • Wear Your Faith – a multi-level affiliate program run by Girl Power Alliance that sells Christian attire, accessories, devotionals, etc. with no purchasing necessary. (You can check out their products here)

Which RV-Friendly Business Opportunity I Chose

I had a hard time giving up my first company, but as the company culture changed, I felt they no longer fit in well with my faith and values. I also felt less and less inclined to “figure it out” with monthly shipments. Leaving was difficult, as major changes always are, but after much prayer, I came across other opportunities that really spoke to me.

My favorite for setting my family up for future success and growing generational wealth is 7k Metals. I LOVE that they have vault storage at no extra cost, so while we are on the road, we can continue to have a method for saving creatively at a much higher rate than our normal bank accounts.

My absolute favorite to work on is the Girl Power Alliance. I just love networking with like-minded women in a capacity that is truly changing the MLM space, helping it transform into what it should have always been: a place to grow in who you are and truly invest in yourself. It works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with other opportunities, too.

In fact, it has helped me replace my past coaching programs and given me extra freedom to focus more on income-producing activities and providing customized support to my members instead of creating new content to keep my old courses and memberships relevant and updated. I personally tend to thrive working behind the scenes, so this partnership is perfect for me.

Top MLM opportunities for full time RV families
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Author: Nicole Graber

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