Mlm Companies Not in Wellness Beauty or Travel

MLM Companies Not in Wellness, Beauty, or Travel (2024)

Are you tired of the same old spiel about health supplements, beauty products, and exotic travel packages that seem to dominate the MLM industry? Well, get ready for a breath of fresh air as we dive into the world of MLM companies that operate outside the realms of health, wellness, beauty, or travel. While these industries often take center stage in the direct selling world, plenty of other innovative and exciting opportunities are waiting to be explored. These lesser-known MLM companies offer a unique twist on traditional network marketing, quickly renewing excitement and creating a refreshing perspective in the industry.

Since you've landed on this page, I assume you already know what MLM is, so I'll skip the definition part of the post. If you, by chance, would benefit more from learning what an MLM is, I have a separate post you're welcome to check out.

The Dominance of Wellness, Beauty, and Travel MLMs

If you spend much time in MLM networking groups, you will see an overwhelming presence of wellness, beauty, and travel MLM companies represented. And let's be honest… much of the presence is rather cringeworthy.

I truly believe the reasons behind the popularity of the wellness (health and mental) and beauty industries are rooted in the need to address underlying health complications caused by a systemic lack of nutrition in our culture. This, in turn, causes higher consumer demand, market saturation, and compliance complications that mute what you're allowed to say (which in some cases are good, but also frustrating to not be able to share your personal transformation story).

Unfortunately, as someone well-educated in the natural wellness space (herbalist and naturopath), I've noticed many abusive practices promoted with good intentions. So much so that I've mostly left that industry behind after 10 years of trying to “be the change.” I say mostly because there is one company I still, on occasion, will promote (mostly offline) and do enjoy the products.

Travel has gained significant popularity, especially after the world reopened to exploring. Having a life built around vacations is definitely appealing to many adventurous families.

But there are many people, like you, who are looking for alternatives.

Perhaps you're like me, have young children, and your or your spouse's day job requirements prevent you from boarding a jet plane and traveling the world. Or perhaps you're like me in that you're a homesteader or seeking a simpler lifestyle that frequent world travel, airplanes, cruises, and hotel rooms just don't fit well with.

Well… thankfully, there are alternatives that may very well resonate with you.

Exploring Alternative MLM Niches – Unrelated to Wellness, Beauty, or Travel

There are quite a few MLM companies that step outside the norm and offer products that aren't in the wellness, beauty (including jewelry), or travel niches.

With so many businesses closing their doors in the past few years (or cancelling their affiliate and business opportunities), it's even more difficult to find a legit opportunity you can be proud of and excited about.

I genuinely hope this post helps you find your new MLM home.

Finance MLM Niche

You do need to be extra diligent in the finance niche. This is where most scams hide. While the opportunity may look legit because of the compensation plan, make sure your finance opportunity isn't trading a little money for more money (which is the definition of an illegal pyramid scheme).

An actual product needs to be sold for this to be a legal opportunity. Not just cash for cash.

That being said, if you're interested in the financial niche, I highly recommend considering gold and silver.

The gold and silver niche involves selling precious metals such as gold and silver coins, bars, ledgers, or jewelry. This niche has gained popularity due to the increasing demand for alternative investments and the desire for tangible assets to hedge against inflation and market volatility.

I personally use a silver/gold MLM company, 7K Metals, to help with our long-term savings needs and for teaching our kids to save in a savvy way.  

What sets 7k Metals apart from other silver/gold suppliers is their extensive list of benefits, including an optional cost-share health program, 7K Advantage app that gives discounts to stores and travel, complimentary Sound Money vault storage access, and a loyalty rewards program to allow you to cash in points for gold and silver products.

My favorite part is the Sound Money valut that allows me to sell what is in my vault to cash out what I want as I need… making it inconvenient enough to reduce frivolous spending, but convenient enough to serve as an emergency fund. Plus, looking at the historical price increase in gold and silver, I'm confident in my investments not losing value.

Clothing MLM Niche

The clothing niche involves selling apparel and accessories, including fashion items, sportswear, and children's clothing. This niche is appealing due to the vast market potential and the ability to target specific demographics or fashion trends.

As someone who is health-conscious, I haven't found any MLM opportunities that focus on natural fiber clothing, but there are a few options if you're looking in the clothing niche:

Food Related MLM Niche

The food niche involves selling specialty foods, snacks, and beverages, including organic, gourmet, or ethnic products. This niche is attractive due to the growing consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food options.

  • Epicure
  • Java Mama (coffee and tea)
  • Pampered Chef
  • Sipology (tea)
  • Tastefully Simple

Arts & Crafts MLM Niche

Yes! You can grow an MLM business around crafty hobbies!!

While this is a much more limited niche, there are a few companies specializing in scrapbooking and homemade card-making (or other paper crafts) that may be up your alley.

  • Creative Memories
  • Stampin Up

Book-Related MLM Niche

  • Barefoot Books
  • Paper Pie (formerly Usborne)

Home Decore MLM Niche

  • Mary and Martha (Christian home decor)

Personal & Business Development

Girl Power Alliance (GPA) is making serious waves in the personal and business development niche. Courses are added monthly, in addition to their speaker and life coach certifications that come with affordable membership fees.

They also have a men's side that husbands can have discounted access to.

Both Girl Power Alliance and Real Men Alliance are both based on Christianity. While you aren't required to be a Christian to join and participate and will be welcomed with open arms regardless of your faith, they are very much faith-based.

I've actually canceled all my [more expensive] coaching programs and most of my courses to link arms with them because they've caught my vision and built a solid framework. It's been so uplifting and encouraging to work with them and let go the stress of time-consuming, behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that come with content creation, membership, and coaching.

What makes GPA's compensation plan unique is that you're not required to recruit to reach the top of the compensation plan. Plus, the whole concept of growing your business is directly taught in the membership, so you don't need to teach anything. There is also an incredible company and ambassador culture where everyone helps everyone, not just those who benefit from your efforts. They truly embody my favorite phrase, “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

Literally, all you need to do is market and plug your new members into the “done for you” system (including a pre-built funnel). It's so simple!

Evaluating Alternative MLM Opportunities: Which Is Best for You?

When evaluating alternative MLM opportunities, it's essential to consider factors such as product uniqueness, company reputation, compensation plans, and support systems.

Just moving away from wellness, beauty, and travel helps a lot to set yourself apart from the overwhelming saturation and some shady company reputations often prevalent in wellness and beauty companies.

Additionally, consider your own interests, skills, and goals to determine which niche aligns best with your personal and professional aspirations. 

Which Is Right For You??

Exploring alternative MLM niches can be a rewarding experience for those looking to break into the industry or diversify their existing businesses. You can succeed in this competitive market by understanding the MLM structure, identifying unique niches, and evaluating potential opportunities.

Need help, check out our new business quiz to explore some potential opportunities or to get in touch with me to talk through what opportunity would be best for you.

When considering any MLM venture, remember to stay informed, conduct thorough research, and prioritize your personal and financial well-being.

Mlm Companies Not in Wellness, Beauty, or Travel
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Author: Nicole Graber

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