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There Is Always Purpose To Your Pain

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Pain. You can’t always explain why your body, heart, or mind hurts. Pain is not something we can wish away, and more often than not, the medication doesn’t work… even when that hurt becomes debilitating. And there are legitimate circumstances where there seems to be no end to it. But one thing we most often overlook: there is always purpose to your pain. We just often don’t see it.

You know that feeling where your body won’t cooperate. That debilitating feeling where you can hardly move. Breathing hurts. Doing nothing hurts. Moving hurts more.

Experiencing pain doesn’t mean your life has to be over.

You can still:

  • Have a meaningful life.
  • Be inspirational.
  • A beautiful soul.
  • Have purpose.

In case you haven’t heard recently:

You are still worth the air you breathe.

Even when each breath is painful to take.

And no, you don’t have to settle for the hand you’ve been given.

I get it. I really do! Feeling

  • trapped.
  • worthless.
  • isolated.

You mourn for the life you dreamed of, but also feel that dream life is so far out of reach that all you can do is binge-watch Netflix to distract you from life as you fade in and out of consciousness.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are changes you can make that can have profound impacts on your quality of life.

What you can do? Find your purpose through your pain.

Pain was my life for nearly a decade. Most of my 20s were spent barely being able to move back and forth between a bed and a couch. Everything hurt. Sometimes parts of my body would randomly stop working, forcing me to fall to the ground. The mental anguish that accompanied it wasn’t much better.

I get it… I feel for you… I managed to overcome mine, and would absolutely LOVE to see you overcome your pain too!

We all have pain for some reason or another. It can keep us down in multiple different ways, but can also provide a profound source of motivation, innovation, spiritual healing, and perspective.

I was recently listening to a podcast episode that mentioned:

Life is not what happens to you… life happens for you.

The moment you realize that success in your goals is 80% mindset and 20% skill and that pain is an opportunity more so than an obstacle, your whole life changes.

Your pain is beautiful, just as you are. While you may or may not be able to change the individual circumstances of your pain, it is part of your story. A beautiful, worthy story. It is something you can use to help inspire someone else to keep living or inspire other people to slow down and see little blessings most people overlook.

How does that benefit you?

Many ways. There are always lessons to be learned, and personal and spiritual growth journeys to embark on.

I read the book discussed in the podcast I mentioned earlier, called The Great Pain Deception. I’m not sure what exactly it was in this book, but reading it took my life to a whole new level. My level of pain decreased, my desire for yoga and spiritual growth increased, and it sparked an obsession to deepen my level of personal development.

I realized a large amount of my pain was secondary to specific root causes, mostly aligned with the traumatic brain injuries, falling from low blood pressure spells, falling from seizures, tumbling down flights of stairs unconscious, and the random falls from my muscles randomly giving out… and some that were entirely unexplained landing me a diagnosis of Chronic Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. My “invisible illness” still produced plenty of physical pains.

Even though I knew most of what was causing my body to hurt to the point where holding a traditional job and maintaining my physical fitness was quite literally impossible, I found that reading that book really helped.

Upon finishing it, I realized there were doors opening through my personal development process. These doors were my awareness of my ability to leverage the internet to share my story, inspire other families, and heal in ways I couldn’t have predicted or imagined.

Your pain may provide you with purpose.

When you seek out your soul purpose and the lessons you need through that pain, you find the deeper meaning in your life.

With the right mindset, habits, perspective, and coach (if you choose to hire one), finding your purpose through your pain can also lead to finding a passion you didn’t realize you had, giving you a reason to continue living, providing you with a deeper appreciation for your life – AND struggles. Plus, finding your purpose can introduce you to a new career or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Whether you write a book, start public speaking, or use your experiences to coach others to better their circumstances and lives, there is always a way to monetize what you become passionate about. While money doesn’t buy happiness, it can still ease your worries and expand your quality of life… which for many people does provide the capacity for happiness.

Where do you begin with finding your purpose?

You start with what interests you. It starts with where you feel intuitively driven.

  • Is there a specific cause that moves you?
  • Is there a lifestyle you love?
  • Are you crafty?
  • Are there specific products you love?
  • Do you know special pieces of information that help you maximize your quality of life?

If you could find products or simple lifestyle adjustments that would maximize your quality of life, would you be open to talking about them so you could help other people while you’re on your journey?

If you could do anything right now (assuming money is no option), what would you be doing?

For me, this was taking my shock of reversing my autoimmune and neurological issues by leading a nontoxic lifestyle and teaching other people how to do the same. Then something beautiful happened. I figured out a means to make a living from that newfound passion.

Now I spend most of my work time focused on my writing and helping other families overcome seemingly impossible situations while being able to afford bills and stay home with my growing family.

I breathe life into people who lost their hope… and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

This is my hope for you… to find that same spark that I found that will bring more joy to your life.

You can do it too!

There really is no secret to finding your passion. It takes a little inner work to decide what it is you want to do, then to create an action plan to move forward. This can honestly be done with any type of budget… there are ways around starting with nothing (like I did), and slowly working your way up to where you won’t need any other financial assistance.

There are two main steps to begin this process:

  1. Find your passion and start working towards it.
  2. Research ways to monetize that passion, because let’s face it… you have worth…and there is no reason for you not to be compensated for the time you invest, especially when that time is spent helping other people.

While those two steps look insanely simple, they’re not always easy.

12 ways to monetize your passion

There are ways you can make money doing what you love, even when you need to limit that time while you manage life and pain.

  1. Blog (with ads or commission-producing links)
  2. Write and sell books
  3. Provide services like virtual assistance, digital marketing, or social media management
  4. Create and sell courses
  5. Use special affiliate links to promote and sell other people’s courses, while receiving a commission for any sales you make
  6. Network Marketing, allowing you to market someone else’s products and receive residual income on their current and future purchases… and expand your sales team to earn extra bonuses.
  7. Freelance writing
  8. Create a YouTube channel, and monetize it with ads, then duplicate all your content on Rumble
  9. Become a Facebook Creator to monetize your Facebook videos with ads
  10. Public speaking
  11. Create a nonprofit (which does take a lot of work, but definitely worth it if you’re able to find a solid support system and structure for it)
  12. Create a membership program or provide affiliate program/product information to augment a movement where you guide other people through their journey

The most difficult part of these options is that in order for them to become profitable, you need to find ways to attract people to your website or social media account. Start small and slowly work your way up as your mission fueled by your passion grows.

The most important step:

Getting Started.

Whether you write books, start public speaking, start a nonprofit, or follow in my footsteps, there is always something you can do to plan and follow your intuitive guidance.

Once you get started and continue growing your new endeavor, you’ll enjoy the feelings that come when you’re actively making an impact. When you take it to the next level, seeing feedback thanking you for the hope, inspiration, and support you’re providing to other people, you feel more and more grateful for your pain and the way it has allowed you to connect with other people who were desperate for the support.

At the end of each day, remember God loves you and has allowed you to endure this pain to help guide you through where He needs you most to serve, uplifting other people while you find your way. Following His direction will always be the right path.

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