8 Clever Tips To Find Your Happy Place

I've had a lot on my mind this month, as is always sparked by additional reflecting that comes with this time of year. The reoccurring theme seems to see the need to find your happy place.
I've noticed more and more posts in my social media news feeds recently that can be summed up as a multitude of depressing confessions of how those I follow have “failed” at life, lost motivation, or can't remember how to be happy.

I'm not sure what causes it, but everyone seems to be hammering on about wanting to live the dream, but their sense of reality and current financial status trump those fears and breeds depression. Maybe our societal state has something to do with it too, having successfully turned Christmas into a Hallmark holiday full of materialistic and social expectations. Do you want to find your happy place? It doesn't have to be elusive or difficult to do.

When I see those posts, I have to admit I scroll past too nervous to ask why. “Why do you feel that way?” “Can I help you find a direction to take that will change your perspective?” “What can we do together to find yourself again?” Each time I've offered solutions, I've either been ignored or told I'm insensitive. Clearly those individuals weren't ready or truly wanting to change their situation. So I'm asking you:

What will it take for you to find your happy place?

I'm not talking happiness from buying the latest trends or getting back your ex. I'm talking about true happiness that beams from within. The type you cannot buy or wish for. Chances are, it has to do with what you do and the attitudes of those you are surrounded by.
I'm always amazed by how many people just work for the paycheck. They don't work because of any internal desire to do their job. They work so they can get paid and then use that money to do the things they want. So why not get paid to do something you actually enjoy? Life becomes so much better when you enjoy what you do.

“I just realized I don't even know how to be happy again”

What do you do when your happiness runs out??
Grow: It's time to get to know yourself again. 

John Maxwell wrote in his book, The 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth,

“There are two great days in your life: the day you're born and the day you realize why”

When you do what you've always wanted, life becomes better than you could ever imagine. Doing what you love is never “work.” Find your happy place by growing as a person.

1.) Date yourself.

Get to know you. What makes you tick? What are your interests? What makes you smile? If you could do anything, what would that be?

2.) Analyze your skills

What talents, skills, and opportunities do you have that support your desire to do it? Do you need any credentials (licenses, certificates, or degrees)?

3.) Know your passion

What do you LOVE to do? Do you strive to help people or animals? Do you love playing in the dirt and watching plants grow? Do you love building things? Do you enjoy learning new things? What do you enjoy learning about? There is a niche market for everything! What motivates you to want to do it?

4.) Make a plan

What steps must you take to start doing what you want to do? How will you keep yourself accountable for taking those steps?

5.) Find a mentor

Who has experience and is able to provide advice can you use to help you along the way?

6.) Know what you're willing to sacrifice

What price are you willing to pay? Price doesn't necessarily mean finances, though those are often involved too. What will it cost you in time, resources, & sacrifices?

7.) Where do you most need to grow?

Focus on your strengths and overcome any weaknesses that would prevent you from reaching your goal.

8.) Be aware of who you keep company with. 

We become just like the 5 people we spend the most amount of our time with. Choose wisely. Distance yourself from toxic relationships and “trolls.” Spend time with people who exhibit the characteristics, morales, and values that you hold dear. Seek out people who are supportive.

So, how do you get started finding your happy place? 

  1. Schedule in some time to review the above questions.
  2. Buy a growth journal, or create one on your computer.
  3. Write your answers as detailed as possible. And update your answers as needed.

The more you know yourself, the easier you will find where you fit. This takes a lot of introspection and self care.

Also know that it's ok to change your answers as time goes by. Having some regular time to focus on yourself and reflect on your direction will only help you in terms of identifying changes you need to make to lead a more fulfilling life.

Include a partner. Whether it's your best friend, your spouse, or a stranger you met online, or a coach… find someone to grow with. This will help keep you accountable. You don't have to have the same goals, wants, and needs to be able to grow along side someone else.

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