How To Begin a Healthy Lifestyle

Our world is full of toxins. Toxic chemicals can be found in our environment, with little we can do about it. Toxins can be found in our homes. Toxins can be found in our food. Toxins are found just about everywhere…

So what's the point? Why avoid them? I get it. We're all surrounded by toxic particles that we can't do anything about. But that is all the reason to rid your body and your family of toxins you *can* avoid.

Learning how to begin a healthy lifestyle is the first step in helping alleviate your body from such harmful bombardments. Of course, the second step is taking action!

There is little publicizing about how these chemicals interact with our bodies, though the studies are available for you to view for free. The Environmental Working Group provides databases within their website to help you search ingredients in your household cleaning and personal care products for FREE. You'd be amazed by seeing what those ingredients can do to your health, and may finally be able to explain headaches, hormonal issues, mental fogginess… etc. that you've endured for years.

What Will a Natural Lifestyle Do for You?

Honestly, individual results depend on individual circumstances, so you will have to try it consistently for a period of time to see what a natural, preventative health lifestyle can do for you. For me – removing toxins from our home and food, and embracing a natural lifestyle caused my:

  • seizures to stop…
  • migraines to stop…
  • mind to clear up and not be so foggy…
  • speech to improve…
  • strength to return…
  • stumbling stopped, which enabled me to walk unassisted…
  • infertility to reverse…
  • sleeplessness to reverse…
  • body to heal…

I know MANY men and women who have taken on the same natural health lifestyle and have had similar results, which tells me my story is no fluke. This is real. Switching to a healthy lifestyle based on swapping toxic products for healthy ones and ditching processed foods for fresh foods and taking quality supplements really can produce miraculous results for your mind and body. I mean… What If You Could Feel Better

Getting toxins out of our home is a major factor in saving my life. After fully believing there was nothing that could help me, and I was going to die early after surviving miserable early adulthood filled with autoimmune and neurological health crises, I took on a challenge to clean up the products in our home and our food. My neurologist was confident that would just kill me faster, which initially sounded like music to my ears. Let's end the misery. Let's put the blog posts my aunt forwarded to me to the test.

Will it work or will I die? Honestly, after 8 years of nothing but chronic pain, seizures, confusion, forgetfulness, weakness… the idea of an early death sounded lovely. Regardless, my suffering needed to end.

So, Where Do You Begin?

I highly encourage you to use a mentor. I also encourage you to take a similar route that I took.

1. Start With Your Food.

Switch to a whole foods diet full of fresh vegetables not treated with pesticide chemicals (local farmer's market is a great place to find those, or buy organic), and meat from a quality local butcher who feeds their animals with what those animals were designed to eat (grass-fed cows… bug-fed chickens…etc…).

I started by diving into the Paleo diet using The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking. I'm not saying you need to go Paleo because, realistically, it's not for everyone. I'm advocating for you to change your eating habits to remove processed foods and foods laden with pesticides and synthetic hormones. I also took quality probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamin supplements to encourage my gut to heal.

I'm a true believer now in how incredible your body is in healing itself. But it can't do so while completely overrun with toxic compounds.

Within that first 30 days, I was down 20 lbs, my seizures cut from 6+ each day to an average of 2 each week, and I felt my energy exponentially increase. I was absolutely floored. That majorly sparked my curiosity, which lead to research (not just google… I was trained by the Navy to acquire and analyze research appropriately, and am skilled at acquiring information while sifting out junk).

2. Ditch the Toxins in Your Home, and switch to safer products.

The average house contains over 60 toxic products. If you purchase your haircare, skincare, cosmetics, and cleaning products from a department store or stores like Target, Walmart, Costco…etc, chances are you are exposing yourself and your family to toxic ingredients and may not know it. Legally, only food items are required to list every ingredient – and even then there are some shady practices, like “milk” containing natural and artificial sweeteners and fruit juices because of the “definition of milk.

The legal definition of Fragrances is quite scary as that can be any mixture of over 300+ chemicals hidden under the “fragrance” ingredient, which is legal because it protects “proprietary secrets.” Check out EWG's Skin Deep database, and compare that list with your lotion, shampoos, cleaners … etc.

I also have a blog post series you can check out that starts with the post “Is Your Home Toxic.” That series is excellent to go through room by room to identify and remove toxic products. Your body will thank you!

3. Use Essential Oils.

Essential oils are completely natural (when not adulterated). They offer fantastic wellness benefits and are truly nontoxic ingredients for various products, like skincare, cologne/perfume, air fresheners, cleaners … etc. Pure, real essential oils really can enhance your wellness without making you sick!

Just make sure you choose a quality brand, otherwise, using oils could be counterproductive. And don't be fooled by dishonest marketing: the essential oils industry is filled with dirty little secrets.

Regardless of which methods you take, I do strongly urge you to detox your life. The world is already full of so much uncertainty, hate, and toxic environments. Your home shouldn't be a part of that too. Make it a haven instead. Treat your body well so it will treat you well in return. I just want to see you happy, healthy, and thriving!

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